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What information do I need for my Wedding Invitations

Heyyyy you lovely lot!

So I have been racking my brains on what content to put out, what you need or want to know when it comes to your wedding stationery!


(if you have anything you need or want to know then please get in touch! no question is a silly one!) - Email -

Let's talk about what information you need to know when it comes to your wedding stationery!

And in all honesty there are a few key things you definitely shouldn't forget.

Firstly I would recommend writing down your guest list of who you want to come to celebrate your special day! This will then give you a good idea on the number of invitations you will need to send...

But Top Tip: remember you only need one invitations per house hold not per person!

You will need some key information before you send or even think about your wedding stationery

~ Your Venue

~ Your Date

~ Your Time

~ The Year your getting married

These may seem like obvious things but they are important.

Venue - The place you are getting married, or places. This means if you are getting married at church then going to venue after you will need to include this into your invitation.

Date - The date you are getting married on this will allow people to book you in on their calendar and make arrangements if needed.

Time - The time you are getting married at because there would be nothing worse then people turning up in the middle of your ceremony or maybe not at all!

Year - This may seem totally silly but people do forget! and with couples booking 2/3 years in advance it's something you definitely need to have on your wedding invitations.

Another important bit of information you will need to know when it comes to telling your guests what time they should arrive is if they are a day guest or an evening guest. So this means you will need a set of day invites and evening invites, it can be the same design however they will have different information on!

Day Guest Information:

Name(s), Venue(s) if your getting married in a church and moving to another place for your wedding reception , Date, and Time of the ceremony Top Tip: I recommend to all my clients that they put the time on the invitation half an hour before your ceremony starts for them to get there, have a wee and find a seat!

Evening Guest Information:

Name(s), Venue, Date and Time. With regards to your venue you will only need to put your wedding reception location. With your time you will need to let them know when our wedding reception will start this is normally after the speeches and your wedding dinner has happened.

The last bit of key information you need when it comes to your wedding invitations is how your guests are going to R.S.V.P to you. This could be done in lots of different ways which I shall be bringing a blog out on so keep tuned for this! There will be some key top tips you won't want to miss out on!

There is other information you will also need to think about when it comes to your wedding stationery, for example Menu choice, Accommodation and Taxis - I will chat all about this in my next blog post!

If I have helped you in anyway please let me know! or again if I have sparked any questions pop me an email!

If you are ready to chat all about your wedding stationery and want to work with me then please get in touch by clicking the lets chat button below!

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear some feed back so feel free to leave me a comment!




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