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When do I send my Save the dates and Invitations?

This is a question I get asked a lot in my consultations with my clients. One that I can help you answer and give you some peace of mind on. However, there is no right or wrong on this, some stationers will say three months some will say eight months or longer, so don't worry there is still time for you!

But I have put together some timelines for you to see when I tell my clients to send their save the dates and their invitations for their weddings.

Save the Dates Timeline:

There are few things to consider when sending your save the dates. Do you need them? I tell my clients they are a must if you are getting married aboard, getting married far away and a lot of people traveling and if you’re getting married in a school holiday.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send them if you’re not in any of the above. I love save the dates, creating them and giving them to my clients to send them. They give the first impression of your wedding day and give your guests time to consider how they are getting there and home or maybe even a babysitter if you’re not inviting children to your day.

Invitations Timeline:

These times are what I tell my clients but please don’t panic If you’re not in side this time line, still get in touch to chat about your wedding stationery. Just consider when It comes to your invitations the time scale of a stationer, we have to design, print and finish them off in the studio.

I hope this has helped you with a time scale of when you should be sending your wedding stationery out to your guests.

Head over the my other blog and read why you should be sending out wedding invitations.

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