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Why Do I Need Wedding Invitations?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

A question I hear a lot about! We don’t need them, they are too expensive, people won’t care, let’s just email them, they won’t need that information… the list can go on!

However, while some of these things should be thought about when it comes to your wedding Invitation, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration.

So hear me out…

1. You do need invitations! Simple!... For day and evening guests if you are having them. Because they give your guests very important information like where you’re getting married, the date you’re getting married, time you’re getting married, if their children are allowed to come, who is invited to your wedding, a menu choice if included and they include a RSVP to which will be important to you for numbers. Save the Dates aren’t a must have however depending on when and where you are getting married, they can be a good idea to give your guests more notice in booking time off or flights if needed.

2. Spending the time and care on your wedding stationery is also important. Your save the dates or invitations are the first thing your guests will receive about your wedding day! Show them how much time and effort you are putting into planning your wedding day. Give your guest the best first impression with your beautiful, detailed wedding stationery, get them really excited for your day!

3. Sending bespoke, hand drawn wedding invitations also gives your guests an insight into how your magical day will be, so wow them! Don’t print off cheap online stationery and send them lose in an envelope! An invitation can speak a thousand words! The style of your wedding if you’re going rustic or boho, your colour scheme, what flowers you may be having, the type of place your getting married at for example in a barn or manor house. Having bespoke Invitations made are a great way to add YOUR own personal touches to. They set the tone for your wedding day!

4. Sending out invitations are so much more personal than sending an email... That’s not fun or exciting. Emails can get lost or missed in the junk folder. When your guests get some beautiful post through the door and something they can look when they pass the fridge will keep them excited about celebrating your special day!

5. I believe that invitations aren’t too expensive, they can be cheap yes... but not expensive. It will depend on your budget! However having someone personally get to know you, your likes, dislike, your hobbies and love story is something which makes your wedding stationery stand out! They then take all this information and hand draw, design, create and hand finish something so beautifully bespoke, detailed and delicate to you is not something you want to go cheap on!

6. Lastly who doesn’t love receiving beautiful, luxury bespoke mail through the door! How exciting is it to hold something in your hand to touch it and feel it! When you pick up all your letters from the postman and see something so beautiful gives you all the feels!

These are my reasons for why you need wedding Invitations and a little bit about why you should get someone to create them for you! Want to see what I have created for someone my amazing couples then come and be inspired! Bespoke Or better yet want to ask me a questions or chat weddings then Get in Touch!

Want to know more about me as a wedding stationer and my journey so far? Then come and read my blog.. Me, Myself and I.. My Journey so far!



P.S - Follow my journey via instagram.

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