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Me, Myself and I... My Journey So far...

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Where my journey began….

Lauren Daisy Wedding Stationery

Hey you lovely lot!

Welcome to my first ever blog!.. something that I feel totally out my comfort zone with!

So here goes..

This is me Lauren – A small business owner, a wedding stationery designer, a wife, a mum, a dog walker, a human climbing frame, a laundrette… yeah you kinda get my point with everything else in between!

Being creative has always been a part of me for as long as I can remember! From drawing and painting at young age you know the houses with the door in the middle, the colourful little flowers under the windows and the stick family members, to collecting glitter gel pens and pretty stationery to write all my notes in pretty colours in (everything had to match!)

So, I feel I have always had an eye for pretty details and creating thoughtful bespoke items.

A bit about my background...

I have grown up in the same house (which I now own myself crazy right?!) for 29 years with my amazing mum and older brother. A beautiful little 3 bed house in Oxfordshire surrounded by the stunning Cotswolds. I had the smallest room in the house in which I use to make loving notebooks for all my teddies pretending to play teachers with them. I remember going through school doodling in my books and creating rustic patterns full of foliage and colour. My favourite thing in secondary was when we were allowed to decorator our books with textured patterns (wallpaper scraps!) and using sticky back plastic to keep it all together. Do you remember doing this?

I went on to do art and design in college and just fell in love with being able to express myself in something I love! I had big dreams to go to America and go to university to study surface design and fashion.

Rose wedding invitation

This is the biggest Part of Me:

At the age 17 my mum diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and this just completely turned my world upside down! My whole routine became about her and when she needed her bloods taken, when her next chemotherapy session was and when her doctor appointments where.

My mum went through 3 rounds of chemotherapy and absolutely smashed every single round, she generally is my hero! However, 5 years of battling this horrible disease my mum lost her fight and passed away at the age 52! From experiencing something like this and losing my best friend, it has made me realise a lot in life and to take nothing for granted!

Wedding Photography

Those 5 years weren’t all that sad I met Tom, my husband who has honestly been my rock. My number one fan and supporter through my life and continues to do so (sometimes I’m not so sure how he does!) We meet at a mutual friends weddings and I would say it was love at first sight! We got married in 2016 on probably the hottest day of the year! In one of my favourites ever venues Cripps Barn! (GO CHECK IT OUT!) and I wouldn’t change anything about it!

This is how my love for wedding stationery, details, the planning and excitement came alive!

I threw myself into it after my mum passed and really went for it and it helped a lot! But this is how I found my passion. I fell in love, with creating, making, designing, Pinterest and just everything about weddings!

I made everything for our special day, stationery, table plan, 80 cupcakes and all my bridal party’s bouquets and much more! (I’m not sure I would do it again!).

Shout out to our amazing photographers - Cotswold Wedding Photography

So, lets jump forward a few years and talk about the part that has totally changed my life again and shown me love in such a different way! Kids! Who knew how much time and energy they would take up! I had my daughter Mollie three weeks in the first lock down giving birth basically on my own! (My heart goes out to all the other mums who had done the same!) and found having a baby in lock down tough like most! Very lonely and actually pretty boring!

To do something for myself I got back into drawing and designing again and loved it! I was back crafting and creating things for friends like vinyl on jumpers, baby items, kids clothing anything and everything! This is where Lauren Daisy came about (little fact Daisy isn’t my middle name it was my mums favourite name) I got to march in 2021 and something was missing, it felt like I had a little hole somewhere that needed filling.

I knew I loved weddings and all the designing and details that come with it. The (name placements, table plans) all the personal details that be put into a wedding. I started creating stationery suite and haven’t looked back!! I jumped in full time with my business alongside full-time mumming! It is by no means easy, but I love it!

Sage Green Flat Lay Wedding Stationery

So that’s most of me here on the page and I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better!


If you want to create something personal, detailed and thoughtful for your wedding day get in touch here.




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