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A must for your Christmas Eve Box this year! Want to add some magaic to your child Christmas then this Reindeer Food Pouch is a must. This cute little pouch is perfect for feeding Father Christmas Reinders this year it comes in different colours for you to choose from. 


This little pouch comes with a little wooden scoop for your child to use along with a colour tasssel of your choice ( Rose Gold, White or Navy) it is also filled with some bird seed to feed the Reindeer with which makes it perfect for sprinkling in your garden. This product can be used year upon year to come! 




Pouch size Apox  - 10 x 15cm 

Canvas pouch printed with different colour vinyl of your choice. 

Contains bird seeds making is perfect for the wildlife around 70g


Christmas Reindeer Food Pouches

Colour of Wording
Colour of Tassel
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