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What is On the Day Wedding Stationery?

What do I mean when I talk about on the day wedding stationery? A question I get a lot recently and people faces when I ask what they are looking for.

wedding acrylic cake menu

Well, this is why I have written this blog to help you understand this a little more. Long story short your on the day wedding stationery is pretty simple it’s your stationery that you need for on the day of your wedding – got it? Ha.

But what does this all-mean Lauren! (just an image I have in my head of you shouting at the screen) let’s break this down into what this can include when you hear the words on the day wedding stationery.

Firstly, there are few key items of wedding stationery that you really need for your wedding day these are a table plan, Name placements and table names/numbers. I always tell my clients when they are at the stage of looking for there on the day wedding stationery items to always have these, they are a MUST!

(read more about why you need a table plan here and grab your free table plan organise download)

However, there is a lot more that I can help with to make your wedding day extra special! I do recommend adding most of these to your on the day wedding stationery list because these are the little details that will make your wedding day different, thoughtful and add so much more personality to your special day. Also, your guests will love them and will be talking about them for years to come.

So, here’s my little on the day wedding stationery extras for you to add to your list – or better yet get in touch with me to help of course!

Reserved seat signs

Tissues for your happy tear’s pockets

Welcome Sign

Order of your Wedding Day Sign

Order of Service

Favour Tags or Stickers


Cocktail List

Children’s Activity Packs

Photobooth Sign

Flip Flop Sign

Own written vow booklet

Cake Menu

Now you have a better understanding of what on the day wedding stationery is all about, it's time for you to get yours sorted and making sure your day has all these beautiful extra details in place! so basically you need me!:)

So come and get in touch, I can't wait to hear your plans and your wedding day!

Thanks for reading you lovely lot!



P.s drop me a comment is you have a wedding stationery question you need some answer to!

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