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Eastington Park - Polaroid Invitation

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Shake it like a polaroid picture! - doesn't that song just make you want to move and smile? Well if that's the case then these beautiful bespoke polaroid wedding invitations are going to make your jaw drop! They have been created for a beautiful wedding taking place at the stunning Eastington Park

I got super excited about this concept when I spoke to G & M, because they were super open and passionate about bringing their personalities to their wedding and making it a whole day about them so we discussed what they loved and what they wanted for their wedding day. This was then when my brain went a little wild with ideas and came up with the idea of a polaroid picture wedding invitation.

They loved it and then this beautiful polaroid wedding invitation was created and finished off in my little studio at home in the cotswold, Oxfordshire. It's packed full of details, fun and personality. It still has all the main information you need for your wedding stationery date, time, place etc and what you need to give to your guests. The extras they included was a whole menu for each house hold to keep so they can get excited and remember closer to their wedding day of what they have ordered! It also included menu choice cards for each guest to fill out which made G & M lives easier for when they receive their RSVP back they will know which guest has ordered what. I pulled through the whole invitation their gorgeous hand drawn floral which tied the whole stationery together. Every invitation and RSVP was personalised with each guest names to give them that luxury feel.

Navy & Blush - Eastington Park - Lauren Daisy Wedding Stationery

To finished off the invitation I created a personalised wax seal for them which included a beautiful pheasant and a monogram which sealed the envelopes, doing this up level their whole invitation with a luxury detail to them. All the guests loved their invitations some of which said "we didn't want to open it" "I feel like we have been invited somewhere royal".

personalised wax seal - Eastington park

So this is a sign for you to make that wow factor for your wedding day and start with your invitations or save the dates are this will be the first big impression your guest will see of your wedding day!

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