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Wedding Table Plan.. Why you need one and a must have free table plan organiser!

So now you have sent your save the dates and invitations out to your guests and received your R.S.V.P back. YAY! You are now probably at the stage of planning your on the day stationery which will includes a beautiful table plan!

Acrylic Table plan

But do I really need one I hear you shout! My answer is yes! And here are my reasons why..

Firstly, you need one to tell people where and what table they are sitting on, on your wedding day. By doing this you will help your day run smoothly and flow more easily!

Having a table will stop people playing musical chairs on the day and prevent to many people sitting at one table or arguing over where they are sitting.. no one wants family drama on their wedding day!

A table plan can also help with introducing people on a table this may be friends or family members that haven’t maybe met yet or you think would get on along. Adding to your table or name placements you can have questions which they can use to start a conversation.

Creating a well organised table plan and giving it to your planner, coordinator or even caterers can help your day when it comes to your wedding breakfast. Because if you have any one with allergies or maybe a menu with choices then this will help them see where these people are sitting and not get there food order wrong!

Pastel Acrylic Table plan

Now you see why you need a table plan.. but unsure of how to organise it? Well fear not! I have created a FREE template for you to download and to help organised your tables for your wedding! Simply subscribe at the bottom of my home page and it will drop into your email box!

Wedding Table Plan template

Let me know if you found it useful by tagging me on Instagram or email me!

Want me to help you create a beautiful, thoughtful table plan that will fit in with your wedding theme and bring your personality to your wedding day? Then pop over and fill out my get in touch form.

Can’t wait to hear from you



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