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Three ways to do your wedding RSVP's

When it comes to attending a wedding, RSVPing is more than just a formality; it's a crucial step in helping the couple plan their special day. RSVP stands for "répondez s'il vous plaît," which is French for "please respond." It's a polite way of letting the couple know whether you will be attending their wedding or not. So, how can you RSVP to a wedding? Here are my three ways you can do your RSVP's.

Navy and blush pink wedding stationery - Menu and RSVP

  1. Traditional RSVP Cards: Many wedding invitations come with pre-addressed RSVP cards. All you need to do is have their names on the card, if they are accepting or declining and TOP TIP make sure you add a specific date which your guest's need to mail it back to you by. It's a classic and straightforward option. I love this option because when I did mine I used to get so excited when I came home or they dropped through the post and I saw my little envelopes arrive back!

  2. Online RSVP: In today's digital age, online RSVPs have become increasingly popular. Couples often provide a wedding website where you can let your guests RSVP with just a few clicks. This method is convenient for both guests and the couple, as it allows for easy tracking of responses. however I would definitely think about who you are sending invitations to how much effort it is to get some RSVPs back from older guests.

  3. Email: Sending an email is another quick and efficient way to RSVP. Simply reply to the wedding invitation email with your confirmation or regrets. Include any additional information requested by the couple, such as dietary preferences or song requests. Is again would need some thought as you may lose emails, or they go to junk and you could be chasing people a lot more.

Remember that RSVPing promptly is essential so I would definitely recommend adding a specific date for your guests to get them back to you by. As you will need an accurate headcount for seating, catering, and other logistical arrangements.

Make your RSVPs fun by adding in different wording instead of accepts and decline. You can also add in some key information like a menu choice card if you're needing guests menus choice or maybe let your guests choose a song to get them on the dancefloor!

Lastly always remember to add in.a section where guest can let you know their dietary requirements as this is super important to let your catering know if there are any.

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