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Go DIY for your Wedding Stationery!

Yes, I know it's a little strange saying go DIY for your Wedding Stationery, from a wedding stationer!

But it's got your attention right! So, my advice to you is to go DIY for your stationery but in a slightly different way to what you’re thinking… I’m not saying pop down to your local craft shop and buy the standard wedding invitation bits and put them together with glue or print them at home. I’m giving you a better option to create something more magical, personal, and just perfect for YOU!

So here’s a list of what you need for your DIY Wedding Invitations:

~ (ME) a wedding stationer

~ An open mind

~ Something personal to you (a hobby you both love, places you have travelled etc..)

~ Excitement

~ A Budget

~ Inspiration (be it a theme, colours or lay out of invitations)

Confused? Well, for those of you that don’t know DIY stands for DO IT YOURSELF and to be honest there’s nothing worse than scrolling online looking at wedding invitations and thinking I love it, but I just want to change this colour, or this wording, or this design. And it could be something so small or you see a few and want to combine them together. I am telling you that you can do all those things and bring every little detail to your wedding stationery in a way that is bespoke and personal to you

If this is, you then you need to get in touch! (GET IN TOUCH) I am here to do my job as wedding stationer in a way what works even better than you doing it home. I’m here as your “DIY’er” behind the scenes! The person to bring your vision, ideas and need to life!

You get call the shots in pretty much every way when working with me. This can be down to the design, colours, illustration, layout, fonts, wording, cardstock the list goes on. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your DIY wedding stationery creating the stationery of your dreams.

blue and pink pastel wedding table inspiration, floral table number and floral name placement

I will be here to guide you, give advice and bring ideas to the table, plus do the fun part of designing/creating them for you until you are 100% happy with them! YES, you read that right until you are happy with them nothing will go to print! You get the final say in all areas on your invitations, save the dates and on the day items.

Now I have opened your mind to a whole new world of DIY and got you excited to start creating your bespoke personal wedding stationery with me… then next you need to get in touch (here) or if you need some more information, please pop over to my blog posts about when to book your wedding stationer, my 3 top tips for your wedding stationery and more inspiration and top tips to help you with your stationery journey.

Thanks for reading!

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