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Extra Information you need in your Wedding Stationery

So as promised I am back again!

With more top tips on what you need to include in your wedding invitations. Planning a wedding can become overwhelming and stressful when this happened you can to begin to forget things, so lucky for you I am here to help you not forget the little details you need when it comes to your wedding invitation!

So first things first all these are not a must have for your invitations and for some couple they won't be necessary at all. - Top Tip - booking a stationer (Me) can help you nail all the details you will need - Get in Touch

First up we have menu choices, these are a great way to gather your guests menu choices if you are having more than one option for your starters, main and desserts. They will also help with any allergies of your guests. Having a menu choice sent with your invitations is the perfect way to get all this information before you need to let your venue or caterers know. You send either send a choice card in your information or if your having a website built where your guests R.S.V.P you can add this detail to that - having a stationer will help you with all this setting up and adding all the information you need on there - (stress free!)

Second I would definitely recommend adding in a details card.. what does this include I hear you say! Well for this card with my clients I add in all the extra details, which mainly include accommodation and local taxis. Why? This is important information for your guests that are travelling far or maybe want to have a kid free evening and stay over night. It will also help with getting people to and from your wedding receptions if they are evening guests and want to have a drink.. or two! Adding these details in with your invitations is the perfect way to take another thing out of your hands when it comes to your guests, as they will have all they need to book the accommodation and book taxis instead of asking you weeks or even on your wedding day.

I have recently seen more and more that couples are now making their wedding day last and making the most of it with having it over two or three days. WHICH I love the idea of and definitely something I wish I had done for mine! So if this is you I absolutely recommend putting this information in with your wedding invitations if you are inviting a lot of the same people over the two or three days!

So now I have given you all my tips and tricks - as well as a lot of important information on this subject.. This is where you need me! :) To help put this into simple terms along with all the details and rustic prettiness! I will help you all the way through the process and discuss all the details with you along the way.

So get in touch! - I love chatting all things wedding and get yourself booked in because trust me you need me! to bring your ideas to life with my bespoke personal service!

Thanks for reading you lovely lot <3




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